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THE CUTTING EDGE OF TECHNOLOGY Computer Aided Design ensures all STINGRAY dry suits are precision made. Raglan sleeves eliminate under arm stress and assist in promoting excellent surface buoyancy balance under water. An extensive programme of meticulous research and development over many years has resulted in the unique nylon butyl tri-laminate material which forms the basis of the STINGRAY dry suit. Special treatment to the nylon fabric has eliminated delamination, improved flexibility and colour fastening and complies with military standards.

  • Latex neck seal for safety, comfort and freedom of movement
  • Raglan sleeves provide comfort and flexibility, eliminating stress points
  • Hard wearing cuffseals in three different sizes incorporation size rings for perfect fit
  • Double stitched, doubled sealed seams for strength and reliability
  • No special care needed for STINGRAY drysuits material
  • Boots fitted to your size
  • Integral knee pads for extra protection without loss of flexibility
  • Inflation valve for safety, comfort and easy use
  • Adjustable exhaust valve for safety, easy use and quick venting

*Please note that specifications as provided in these pages are subject to change without notice