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GPS Co-Ordinates: 33°50'18.6"S 18°43'48.1"E

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Sazuki Marine

Stingray - PREDATOR


The STINGRAY "PREDATOR" is a patented stepped-tunnel design catamaran incorporating thirty years of catamaran technology. At low speeds, the tunnel creates an air-cushion effect enabling the craft to rise quickly out of the water and to plane with ease. The twin hull construction increases stability and creates a more comfortable ride in choppy conditions. A fast, stable and reliable craft, the "PREDATOR" may be used as a ski boat, pleasure craft, diving platform or any work application requiring exceptional stability and manoeuvrability.

Each STINGRAY "PREDATOR" conforms to CE Directive 2013/53EU and is built to pass STINGRAY's stringent quality control tests, using innovative materials and advanced construction technology.


The STINGRAY "PREDATOR" is available in a choice of two materials:

  • PANATEX: An air-tight high grade fabric, specially developed for inflatable boats
  • HYPALON: A synthetic rubber coated fabric to SOLAS standards(ORCA)
  • HULL AND DECKING: Hand laid up glass reinforced polyester with all gel coat finish


The STINGRAY "PREDATOR"4.4m, 4.9m, 5.1m AND 5.4m each have a five compartment configuration, being one bow, two port and two starboard compartments. The 6.3m has a six compartment configuration being two bow, two port and two starboard compartments and the 6.8 and 7.5m each have a ten compartment configuration being two bow, three port and three starboard compartments.


The STINGRAY "PREDATOR" has a custom transom, constructed from glass reinforced polyester encased laminated ply.


  • 5 Year warranty on pontoons ( * )
  • 3 Year structural warranty ( * )
  • 1 Year warranty on other items.
  • All-round life line
  • Tow-eye
  • Protective rubbing strake
  • Repair kit and pump
  • Wide range of optional extras


Recommended Horse Power
Work/Pay Load
4.4 m PREDATOR 4400 2060 2 X 30/1 X 75 5 550 210
4.9 m PREDATOR 5000 2060 2 X 40/1 X 90 6 700 290
5.1 m PREDATOR 5100 2340 2 X 60 8 980 420
5.4 m PREDATOR 5400 2360 2 X 60/1 X 115 8 1000 420
6.3 m PREDATOR 6300 2560 2 X 90 12 1000 650
6.8 m PREDATOR 6800 2820 2 X 115 12 1000 780
7.5 m PREDATOR 7500 2820 2 X 150 12 1050 980

*Please note that specifications as provided in these pages are subject to change without notice

( * ) Conditions apply