Sport Inflatable

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Technical Specifications

The STINGRAY "SPORT" is a fully inflatable craft with almost unlimited applications. Needing as little as 4HP to operate, it is also the most affordable craft in the range. Ideal for fishing or as a family vessel, it also has working applications as a yacht tender or ferry boat.

Each STINGRAY"SPORT" conforms to CE Directive 2013/53EU and is built to pass STINGRAY's stringent quality control tests, using innovative materials and advanced construction technology.


The STINGRAY "SPORT" is available in a choice of one materials:

  • PANATEX: An air-tight high grade fabric, specially developed for inflatable boats

Air Compartments

The STINGRAY "SPORT" has a 3+1 air compartment configuration, being separate bow, port and starboard compartments, with an inflatable keel. The 4, 0M Supersport has two hijackers fitted as standard.


The STINGRAY "SPORT" has removable floorboards, constructed from glass reinforced polyester with non-skid finish.


The STINGRAY "SPORT" has a custom transom, constructed from glass reinforced polyester encased laminated ply.

Standard Features

  • 5 Year warranty on pontoons ( * )
  • 3 Year structural warranty ( * )
  • 1 Year warranty on other items.
  • All-round life line
  • Tow-eye
  • Protective rubbing strake
  • Repair kit and pump
  • Wide range of optional extras

Specifications & Recommendations

Rec HP
Work/Pay Load
3 m SPORT 3000 1450 10 3 400 55
3.4 m SPORT 3400 1580 15 4 500 65
3.6 m SPORT 3600 1580 15 4 500 70
4m SUPER SPORT 4000 1700 30 5 600 80

*Please note that specifications as provided in these pages are subject to change without notice

(*) Conditions apply